Codex Operator (Modern Nature, D. Jarman)

of angels and apocalypse

April 1989

Saturday 29

The weather lost its chill. For the first time this year I worked in the garden in short sleeves, slept with the window open and awoke at dawn. A white sea mist soon cleared for a bright sunny day, slightly overcast.
In spite of the cold April many of the flowers are well ahead of themselves after the warm winter: the first sea kale flowers are out and the sea campion, cranesbill and purple vetch are bright with bloom.


Friday 10


The philosopher wrote:
The fairest order in the world is a heap of random sweepings... All we see asleep is sleep all we see awake is death.

Old friends died young

The virus attacks creation
Creativity withers
No consuming passions
Only these slow melancholy days

The garden is built for dear friends
Howard, Paul, Terence, David, Robert, ad Ken,
And many others, each stone has a life to tell
I cannot invite you into this house