vorstellen.network x Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022

In the spirit of mail art and as an operator of vorstellen.network I invited the other operators to fork a fragment for the online exhibition of the biennial.

I hope you enjoy what we assembled together and you are curious to discover more of the fragment-thoughts present on the platform.

I invite you to click!


Original: dff21220 - "I remember:" by Axelle Stiefel

I remember:

what a bad reputation my school gave the ballpoint pen aka the "bic" as opposed to its counterpart the fountain pen. The fountain pen was supposed to force us to take care of the connection between letters and exercise fluidity in the movement of the hand. If by misfortune, we used the bic, it was bad omen, bad style: chopped, interrupted, discontinuous; it would almost look like a text typed on a typewriter, a form of mimetism lacking genuinity. While the elegance of the hand assured ... What tensions, what quarrels, what stakes around these writing options. Today, one could say that the battle is relegated to another level: click vs. scroll & swipe.

Original: d3c46080 - "Eleven Kinds of Blue." by Laura-Issé Tusevo

Eleven Kinds of Blue.

Color chart from the pioneering 19th-century guide Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours.

Original: 8b95150b - "blue, a film still" by Flora Pazernyk

blue, a film still

Derek Jarman: "Blue" 1993

Original: b8087fd5 - "carte de l’ocean" by Nicola Sartorio

carte de l’ocean

La chasse au Snark

Original: 3e76ddc7 - "line" by Marie Schumann
  • line

"Although the thread has different applications in its absence in [Agnes] Martin's work and presence in [Lenore] Tawney's, respectively, the interplay of the two techniques within one exhibition allowed us to experience how the tactile-textile and optical-drawing properties of thread interact to become a haptic-
visual form; how sensual experience - the affirming close-up view of the sense of touch and the objectifying distant view of the sense of sight described by Alois Riegl - is equally important for perception and the
are equally needed for perception and knowledge production."

Source: Textiles – Open Letter. Frank, Rike and Wilson, Grant. Sternberg Press, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach. 2015. S.66.

Original: 4e4e2380 - "(bic) - blue - light - line" by Léa Stiefel

(bic) - blue - light - line

Looking for salmon in the Salmon Lake

Original: 7e1e939e - "Horst Feiler, Uta Feiler" by The Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeldt

Horst Feiler, Uta Feiler
Mail Art, 1981
print with handwriting as greeting card
19 × 25.3 cm (7 ½ × 10 inches)

The Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeldt

Original: 4bb098f4 - "EYESSHUT__SHORTBREATH" by Axelle Stiefel








CLACK___________________________SLOW DOWN_DOWN

SWISH__________________________A MINUTE





THE RAIN_______________________THE MIST

A MINUTE_____________________A MOMENT

A TIC_______________________________A TAC

TIC_TAC_________________________A CLOCK