What is vorstellen.network?

vorstellen.network is a project initiated by Elisa Storelli, Axelle Stiefel and Philipp Klein. It is an art project with the potential to become a tool. It is inspired by mail art and GIT. It wishes to be a distributed system for peer to peer exchange among artist and cultural workers. It appears to be very complex, in reality it is technically simple: it is a website where invited operators can access and create content in form of interconnected fragments. In this term vorstellen.network is a performative platform.

What is an operator?

An operator is the user of the vorstellen.network. By creating fragments the operator changes the form and meaning of the network and operate so the online performance.

What is a fragment?

The fragment is a single page of the website. The peculiarty of vorstellen.network, is that everything on vorstellen.network is a fragment, the header, the footer, the operators's pages. The platform doesn't have a hierarchy of content or metadata. Every page has the same technical quality.

A fragment can be created via the new button, or it can be created via the fork button.

Once a fragment is created, it is possible to upload text, images of various format, to embed external links. Each fragment can be layouted differently by the use of CSS. Every fragment when created is automatically connected to the operator's own fragment.

What is fork?

To fork is the main operation of vorstellen.network. It allows to create a new fragment with a connection to both the operator's fragment and another fragment choosen.

Once a fragment is forked, is is possible also to upload text, images of various format, to embed external links. Moreover it is also possible to import the content that was present in the forked fragment, without damaging the original fragment.

What are relations?

Relations are a way to connect one owns fragment to other fragment at a later point. If for instance an operator makes a fragment and she later on discovers that the fragment should be connected to another existing one, she has the possibility to do this by copying the web address in the relations field.

What is style?

Style is a field where the operator can layout the content of one fragment by coding it with CSS. On this fragment everything can the look different: the menu, the header, the font, the background colors.

With CSS it is also possible to animate the content.