20 - 22.11.2021

Hackathon, Kottbusser Damm, Berlin

Original: 397d7b08 - "hackathon critique" by Philipp Klein

hackathon critique

mission / purpose

  • unclear. what is vorstellen suppose to be?
  • is it a tool or a plattform?
  • just flexing your intellectual muscle? boring.
  • are the users part of a collective or guests on the platform
  • is the purpose to become literate in the tool?
  • approach on operators and operations is facilitating not about who is doing what but rather what is becoming?
  • should have many ways to use it. nobody cares about the media is the message.
  • allows to create websites / content / communities differently.
  • dont compare it to social media


  • lacks tools to style content without CSS knowledge
  • lacks tools to adjust media files
  • current relationship management is too limited
  • can not "inline" answer/quote to content elements, only whole fragments.
  • embedding of pdfs
  • drafting
  • collaborating
  • commenting
  • versions


  • content is difficult to discover
  • control the visibility of my fragments
  • channels or rooms, set the context in which my fragments exist.
  • visualisation of the content, forks, tree


  • little motivation to "answer" later
  • no notifications when somebody replied
  • it's not possible to set a context. "it needs rooms"
  • fragments are never finished, no motivation to read them now


  • data sovereignty is unclear.
  • how long it will last?
  • persistance is important.
  • export


  • analytics


  • we have to unlearn contemporary structures. its hard but valuable.
  • impressum. get rid of footer
  • noise vs information ratio.


  • after forking reloading