operator Elisa Storelli

But there is a method to all this madness, for Adam taught mankind that, in order to restructure codes, one needs to rewrite messages.
Umberto Eco, On the Possibility of Generating Aesthetic Messages In An Edenic Language

My making is a research about the shapes of time and their impact on society. My interest lies in studying how time changes through history, how it is measured and calculated, how aspects such as perceptions, feelings, languages and biology influence its forms. I named the research Chronomorphology. The works that I create are a method to distribute the acquired knowledge in an anarchic and poetic format. The artworks reassemble time‘s various properties to make experienceable new constellations of its meaning.

Because time soaks everything we experience, my practice is perfomative, the works process and are to be felt through durations. This is true for all the format I decide to use: installation, performance, sound or new media applications.

visit my website to see some documentation of artworks: elisastorelli.ch

write me at contactATelisastorelli. ch