structure and terminology of


The fragment is the basic concept of the web performance. Each fragment has an id, a title/description and an operator* name. It is a page where the operator* can upload content in form of text or image, embedded video or audio. The aesthetic of every fragment can be freely designed by each operator* with css. Each fragment can be deleted by the operator* that created it and therefore the network is not eternal but temporary.

Traces of the deleted fragment can remains on the wab performace, when the deleted fragment has been forked and its content imported in the forked fragment.

this fragment has id "0c6a3619-8e83-4fa1-a2c6-0e4dd8fb30d3", title "structure and terminology of" and it is made by "Elisa Storelli"


Every fragment can be forked so to establish a dependent connection. When a fragment is forked, a white page appears where it is possible to add content.

fragment 002 is forked and fragment 007 is created. It is possible to include content from fragment 002 in the newly created fragment.

advanced forking

If a fragment 007 is already created but its owner operator* decide that it should have been forked from another fragment 003 (also already existing), it is possible to establish a later forking. In order to do that the id of fragment 003 needs to be inserted in the advanced section of fragment 007.

advanced collaborative forking

If fragment 003 should become a forked fragment from fragment 007 instead, it is necessary to notify the operator* owner of 003, and ask to add 007 id in 003 advanced section.

travelling fragments

It is the action of clicking through the fragments and to experience the works available on the web performance. Every fragment has a series of link at the top and a series of link at the bottom.

The links at the top are the fragments forked (where the fragment comes from).
The links at the bottom are the fragments created by forking the fragment.

Fragment 001 will have the link of fragment 002 at the top, and the links of fragment 004 and 007 at the bottom.