The Logic, EX01; Alteration A.1: Jumping!

Example #01:

  • Players of the game aim to run close together as herds. Well, hey folks, how about the players don't run, but keep jumping. And the goal is to jump in a herd. BUT! There is a Bermuda triangle in the middle and one has to be careful not to fall into it, as it would automatically catapult the player out of the group. Perhaps somewhere into the sky to slowly land back on 'Earth'.
  • Well then, how will collisions be calculated? How ill weight be determined? By athe amount of accumulated capital?
  • What if someone manages to jump someone on their back? A bingo moment that will trigger their gathered capitals to multiply by some factor and grow even faster?
  • Each member of the herd/group can join or leave at any moment.
  • Perhaps the ground under the herd automatically transforms into a sort of a moving crater / a valley that follows under their feet, so it's pulling the players towards the Bermuda black hole.
  • Each player possess a credit which is always slowly increasing or decreasing based on whether they are in a group (increasing faster) or not (decreasing) (credit growth stops*). A group size might be limited. The credit increases on a set speed by a factor linked to the sum of the group's members credit.
  • Members can freely leave a group at any point (to run and join another group). Members can also push other members away (intentionally or accidentaly). A member that was pushed away can't joint back it's own spot. Or maybe even the former group.
  • Players always keep running, yet the speed can be controlled. But to avoid colisions, a player can't take a break. When a player runs into another one, it automatically pushes the hit person out of the group.
  • The space of the game is designed in a way to make it impossible to just run straight in the same speed as a herd infinitely, or to get far from other groups. Both by using non-euclidean geometry as well by placing landscape and architecture elements that make it a challenge to keep in place.
  • The smaller the group, the less its credit etc. Therefore the goal is to join a group that has many wealthy members and then run with it as long as possible by avoiding running into anyone and pushing them away.


  • What should be the incentive to accumulate credit?

*) similar to how Paperclips game works