August the 20th - Cassiane and Mathias Pfund

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Sculpturegarden 2022

N° 6

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Original: 11e0888e - "Catherine de Zegher, "Drawing as Binding" by Marie Schumann

Catherine de Zegher, "Drawing as Binding/Bandage/Bondage. Or Eva Hesse Caught in the Triangle of Process/Content/Materiality", in: Eva Hesse Drawing, Hg. dies., New York: Drawing Center, 2006, S.65.

Original: 45ccfe6f - "Referencing - Remixing - Curating - Coll" by Elisa Storelli

Referencing - Remixing - Curating - Collage


Transporting - Connecting - Metameaning - Inspiration

The death of the author -

(I wish it doesn't mean the death of authenticity)

- The lost writers - Typing - Between pixels -

Input - Output - Feedback loop

Resonating lost meanings - Between memories - I dream new words/worlds

I learned in a writing class that to re-write concepts by other authors with one own words opens new paths. I tried, it does work.

It is the same with programming

- fork -

copy - paste - cut - insert - change values

referring means transporting back. In oral history you would record the meaning to transport back in music. Myths might have been born transported back by eccentric souls.

copy - paste - cut - insert - CHANGE VALUES

Original: 2f51d787 - "Often words are made of more words, that" by Elisa Storelli

Often words are made of more words, that carry simpler meaning.

A word becomes an agglomerate of meaning.

A collection of meaning.

A collective?

from com- (“together”) + legō (“I gather”) (

Original: 6c0db5b3 - "Print you fragment from the browser as A" by Elisa Storelli

Print you fragment from the browser as A4 format.

This hide the menu, header, footer and print out just the content of the fragment.

Work at best in Chrome at the moment.

@media print {
  body {-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact;}
  .fragment nav {
  .F > div:first-of-type {
	background-color:#FFFFFF !important;
  	color:#FFFFFF !important;
  header, footer {
    display:none !important;
  @page {
      margin: 0mm;
      size: 210mm 297mm portrait;;
  .F {
  	width: 100vw !important;
  /* just hiding the UI */
  header {
    position:fixed !important;
  /* just hiding the UI */
  header:hover {
  /* just hiding the UI */
  main.main-content {
  /* just hiding the UI */
  .fragment section {
    display: none!important;
  /* just hiding the UI */
  .fragment nav.fragment-header-actions {
    position:fixed !important;
    left:auto !important;
    right:30px !important;
	width:auto !important;


Original: 3a287b92 - "The DNA of Printed Images. William M. Iv" by Axelle Stiefel

The DNA of Printed Images. William M. Ivins, Jr. How Prints Look. Photographs with a Commentary. Raubbdruck by Willem Oorebeek

Original: 59925e71 - "What is an assemblage?" by Flora Pazernyk

What is an assemblage?

Jane Bennett: Vibrant Matter

Original: 95ca997a - "Mamou" by Mathias & Cassiane Pfund


Dessin d'après la médaille ornant le centre du piétement (face avant) de Caesarina, sculpture de Mathias Pfund présentée à Sculpture Garden – Geneva Biennale 2022. Elle contient un fragment du texte La petite César de Cassiane Pfund.

Assembled by

Cassiane Pfund and Mathias Pfund

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Original: 08f9d2ec - "Supported by" by META-FORKER

Supported by

Pro Helvetia Fondation suisse pour la culture

La Ville de Genève

Le Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain, DCS Genève

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